Buon lunedì, prodi seguaci!❄️

Sono circa a metà della lettura di Love Me Whole di Nicky James e sto imparando un sacco di cose sul disturbo dissociativo dell’identità: sono molto, molto contenta, questa 2019 RHC è iniziata proprio bene!💪

«So, I guess if anyone else comes out, just r-remember, it’s not me. They are their own person, and I won’t necessarily remember what takes place if you are working with an alter. I’m who w-wants to be in school, and they all have their own lives, so d-don’t be shocked if study sessions end abruptly. I haven’t identified all my triggers, so it can happen r-really randomly. Just… treat them as individuals, because they are. They have their own names and will probably correct you if you call them Oryn».
The question on the tip of my tongue felt incredibly stupid, and I worked at keeping a straight face as I asked, because I didn’t want to insult him. The mocking words of those other men in class came back to me, and I was beginning to wonder if they weren’t right. It was all too surreal and impossible to imagine. But I tried to keep an open mind.
«Who… Who might I meet?»
«Well, I think you’ve met Reed, briefly. He’s younger than me – t-twenty-three – and very protective. In his world, he’s a competitive weightlifter. You might meet Cohen, he’s nineteen, he’s okay with this school thing, except I think only because it’s s-social and he’s really outgoing and likes to meet new people. Then there is Theo and Cove». He shrugged. «I’m not sure you’ll meet them. Theo’s role is more s-structured, and he helps with organizing and keeping our balance and roles. So far as I know, he is rarely out from t-triggers. And then Cove…» Oryn’s gaze fell to the table and his lips curled in a subtle way I almost missed. «Cove is Cove. I don’t want to explain him». He scratched the back of his head and struggled to meet my eyes again. «There is also Rain. Don’t be startled if you meet him. He’s f-five. Very chatty and excitable».

Twenty-eight-year-old Oryn Patterson isn’t like other people. Being an extremely shy, social introvert is only part of the problem. Oryn has dissociative identity disorder. He may look like a normal man on the outside, but spend five minutes with him, and his daily struggles begin to show.
Oryn shares his life and headspace with five distinctively different alters. Reed, a protective, very straight jock. Cohen, a flamboyantly gay nineteen-year-old who is a social butterfly. Cove, a self-destructive terror, whose past haunts him. Theo, an asexual man of little emotion, whose focus is on maintaining order. And Rain, a five-year-old child whose only concern is Batman.
Vaughn Sinclair is stuck in a rut. When his job doesn’t offer the same thrill it once did, he decides it’s time to mix-up his stagnant, boring routine. Little does he know, the man he meets during an impromptu decision to return to college is anything but ordinary.
Vaughn’s heart defies logic, and he finds himself falling in love with this strange new man. But how can you love someone who isn’t always themself? It may not be easy, but Vaughn is determined to try.